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Mini Makeovers

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Great for a party for group of small friends between 6-12 girls.

· Each face takes approximately 5-6 minutes, depending on the design.

· Cosmetics and face paints are not recommended for children under three. If parents wish an under three year old painted they do so at   their own risk. At my discretion I may paint on their arm or leg instead.

· If your child has sensitive skin and would like to be painted please ask for a patch test on their arm.

· Parents/carers must take full responsibility in allowing children to be painted, and if your child is being left at a party, please let the   organiser of the party know if you do not wish your child to be painted.

· I am unable to paint anyone with sickness, cold sores, infections or any contagious skin condition. Sometimes it will be possible for me to   paint an arm instead, but only at my discretion.

· I use a clean sponge on every face and change the water frequently.

· I will also only paint people who wish to be painted, and who are old enough to ask for what they want themselves.

· Paints can be easily removed with soap, water and a flannel. Baby wipes are not recommended as it could make skin sensitive.

· I will not tolerate any abusive behaviour.

· I take pride in keeping my face painting kit thoroughly clean.

Katie Horns, September 2014.

Thank you for making my daughters 5th Birthday party magical. She loved her face painting so much that she wanted to go to sleep in it lol.

Face painting

Glitter Tattoos


Art & Craft activity

Party games with prizes

Dance with Pom Poms/Ribbon sticks

Party invitations included

Disco lights and party music

No need to hire a big hall, if your have a big enough home for your little guests, just supply party food, party bags and drinks!

MK Happy Faces & Team will do the rest.

*Optional extras available at additional costs; Party Bags, Sweet Buffet, Fruit Buffet, Sweet Trees, Balloon Decorations.

*Use this party package for a girls Birthday party, Sleep over party, Pamper party or even a small get together for a group of friends.

To enquire for more details, bookings & prices please contact us on the Contact page form here > or give us a call on 07540 405580